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December 15 2020

Today, Tuesday December 15 – For the next several weeks, we will be looking at the book of Romans. As a brand new follower of Jesus back in 1971, I quickly realized that I desperately needed a good foundation for my walk with God. I was taught and believed that the Bible was the book, I should be reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on, more than anything else. The first chapter in the Bible I memorized was James 1. When I went to Lynchburg Baptist College in the fall of 1971, I begin memorizing chapters from the book of Romans. First, Romans 12, then Romans 6, 7, and 8. I look back amazed how the Lord put that in my heart to do, without anyone really telling me how important these chapters would be to the foundation of my Christian experience. If you are wondering and asking the questions - What is life is all about? Where did I come from? What on earth am I here for? Where am I going? And how can I best get there? My friend, the Bible has the answer for all these questions! God created us and He also gave us a manual for living. The Bible informs and teaches us. The Bible tells us why and what we have done wrong. The Bible corrects us with the truth. And the Bible then teaches us the way to live a holy and righteous life! (2 Timothy 3:16) Our study and time in Romans will definitely give us the foundation for all these areas! God bless!

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