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December 21 2020

Today, Monday December 21 – Romans 1:15-16 – The Bible could rightly be called, “The Story of Hope.” It could also be called, “The Story of Salvation.” If you study the Bible in its entirety, you will come to the conclusion, that the theme of the whole Bible is God’s plan of redemption. Bringing sinful, fallen man back into a relationship with a Holy and Just God. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, by disobeying the known will of God, they immediately were separated from God. To be separated from God is spiritual death! But God immediately came searching and looking for them and promised them that He would provide a way of salvation through the “seed of the woman.” (Genesis 3:15) This is first indication or promise in Scripture that points to the birth of Jesus Christ, being born of a virgin and Who alone could provide salvation, redemption for the sins of mankind. Only a perfect sacrifice could satisfy God’s holy and just demand for punishment for sin. And Jesus is that sacrifice. The Book of Romans is the one book in the Bible, that it appears the whole purpose of the writer, is to make it as clear as possible, as to why every person is a sinner, and why there is only one way of salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone! This week the world celebrates the birth of Jesus! But most miss the real reason He came. Please make sure you know! God bless!

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