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December 25 2020

Today, Friday December 25 – Romans 1:16– Merry Christmas!!!!! Wow!!!! This special day has finally arrived! And here in Troutville, we woke up with a “white” Christmas. One of the first that I can remember in a long time! We are often reminded, especially if you are watching the Hallmark Christmas movies, that Christmas is the time of miracles! The Apostle Paul had experienced the miracle of salvation and he wanted to share this Good News with everyone he could. That’s why God had put it in his heart, to want to go Rome and proclaim the Gospel there. Rome was the place of power, philosophies, politicians, corruption, debauchery, and the worship of many gods! Sounds like our world centers today! And in these places, the last person they want to hear and talk about, is Jesus. But Paul said that he was not ashamed of Jesus. Honestly, I’m afraid there are far too many secret service Christians, that are ashamed and afraid to speak up about Jesus. Paul was not ashamed of the Person of Gospel - Jesus. Jesus is indeed the Son of God and the only hope and salvation for the world. All the other religions of world begin with a big “DO”. But ours begins with a big, “DONE”. Jesus has finished the work of salvation through His sinless life, His atoning death, and His powerful resurrection! Paul was not ashamed of the Purpose of the Gospel - Salvation! Saved from the guilt and penalty of our sin! Forgiveness and Justification – a right standing with God! Paul was not ashamed of the Power of the Gospel – the dynamite of God! We need more than reformation, we need transformation! Paul the persecutor of Christians, became the Paul the Preacher! Today would be the best day ever, for you to personally experience this wonderful, powerful, life-changing Gospel. Believe, receive and trust Jesus today! God bless!

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