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December 29 2020

Today, Tuesday December 29 – Romans 1:17-22 – It’s possible to be lost and not even know it. On my first hunting experience way back in 1976, just outside Winchester, VA, early in the morning while it was still dark, I was placed next to a tree in the forest, across from a creek, and told to sit and wait and freeze and eventually a deer would come. I did get a shot at a deer and thought I hit it, but when I took off to find it, which I never did, I begin to realize I had no idea where I was, and I had no sense of direction on this very cloudy cold day. I had a very important appointment within a couple hours (a closing on our very first house purchase) and I needed to find my way out of the woods. After going in circles for over an hour, (remember this is the day before cell phones and GPS) I realized I was very lost and started getting desperate. It was a bad feeling! In Romans 1 to 3, Paul knows if a person is going to appreciate and receive the Gospel, the Good News, they must first realized and acknowledge how lost they are. In the verses before us today, Paul reminds us that both creation and our conscience tell us there is a Creator God. He shares with us the main reason we reject the truth about God. It is not an intellectual problem, it is a moral one. We “suppress the truth”, we resist the truth, we hold down the truth, we don’t want the truth about God because of our unrighteous immoral living that we don’t want to give up. As we close out an old year, please make sure that you have a genuine and personal faith in Jesus Christ and His Good News!

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