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February 06 2021

Today, Saturday February 6

Romans 6:1-4

We now come to the third section of the book of Romans. Remember Romans 1-3 deal with Sin. Romans 4 & 5 deal with Salvation. Romans 6-8 teaches us about Sanctification. This word means to be “set apart” for God and His holy purposes in our lives! We need to see and learn how in Romans 6, the believer is dead to sin. In Romans 7, the believer is dead to the law and in Romans 8, the believer is alive in the Spirit and is living the “victorious” Christian life.

Over my years of ministry I’ve encounter so many believers that would tell you they are saved, and believe they would go to heaven if they died, but they are living miserable lives. They are not enjoying the great benefits and blessing of their salvation!

I believe that God didn’t just create us to survive, but He desires that we live fulfilling and complete lives, victorious over sin, the flesh, the world and the devil! Are you living in victory today? These three chapters give us God’s plan and program for a Spirit-filled life that allows us to have and enjoy “heaven on earth”.

To obtain this victory, we need to know and realize our Position in Christ (Romans 6). We need to recognize our current and daily Problem with the flesh. (Romans 7). And we need to receive our Provision of God’s Holy Spirit (Romans 8).

Jesus said that He didn’t come to condemn us but to save us and to give us life that is overflowing with His joy and peace and love! I trust you will believe and trust Him today for this great life!

God bless!

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