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February 15 2021

Today, Monday February 15 Romans 8:1-8

Even though it was fifty years ago, that as a nineteen year old teenager, I finally ask the Lord Jesus to come into my heart and life, I’ll never forget the major struggle I went through because I was so afraid that I would not be able to live the Christian life. I really wanted to become a Christian and have the assurance that all my sins were forgiven, and my final destination for eternity was heaven and not hell, but also knew it meant I would be expected to live a totally different life style. And I couldn’t imagine how I could live that kind of life. As a young teenager, I had formed the habit of cussing and saying terrible four-letter words that poured out of my mouth all the time. It was so bad that I didn’t like it and had tried to quit on several occasions, but couldn’t.

On Sunday afternoon, February 21, 1971, I finally decided to ask Christ to come into my heart and life and immediately everything begin to change! I had tried to put the “cart before the horse.” I soon realized that you don’t change things to become a Christian, you become a follower of Jesus by faith and then He begins to make the changes in your heart and life. The Scriptures say, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” I had a filthy mouth because I had a filthy heart. When Jesus came into my life He gave me a brand new clean heart and my cussing immediately stopped. I didn’t even have to try to stop!!!!! Now with a clean heart, I had a clean mouth and a clean mind by His wonderful grace and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life.

My friend that is what Romans 8 is about! Of course, it wasn’t long till I realize that I still had the old sin nature living in me pulling me back into the old life (Romans 7). But, thank the Lord, I now also had Someone living inside of me, the Holy Spirit, to empower me every day to live a changed life and do those things that really please the Lord!

Please read Romans 8 over and over again and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to apply these great truths to your life every day!

God bless!!!!

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