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March 08 2021

Today, Monday March 08

Romans 12 – A Living Sacrifice

On March 7, 202, Perpetua, a 25 year old Christian, who had just given birth to a baby, was thrown to the wild beast that gored her to death, in a Roman arena in Northern Africa because she would not recant her faith in Jesus Christ. She became one of the earliest martyrs for her faith in Christian history who inspired countless others to live and give their lives for the sake of the Gospel.

I’ve often said that it actually might be easier to take a bullet or the guillotine for Jesus and die an immediate death and enter the eternal bliss of heaven and the very presence of Christ, than to wake up every day and die to self, die to the world and die to the flesh. In other words, it might be easier to die for Jesus than to live a surrendered life for Him every day!

Paul is asking the Roman Christians to give their lives as a living sacrifice and then tells them, it is only their reasonable service after all that Jesus has done for them in giving up His life on a cross, dying in their place for their and giving them eternal life.

Honestly, if you have truly experience God’s saving mercy and grace and know that your sins are forgiven and you have an eternal home in heaven, is it asking too much for you to live for Jesus every day? Oswald Chambers often reminds us in his devotionals, “The only right that you really have, is the right to give up the right to yourself!”

Have you ever surrendered your right to yourself and laid your life on the sacrifice of God’s altar and dedicated yourself to live for Jesus every day? It is one of the biggest and most life changing decisions you will ever make, but it will be one that you will never be sorry for! Do it today!

God bless!

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