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March 12 2021

Today, Friday March 12

Romans 12:1-2 – “Renewing Our Mind”

Today we are so busy with things in our fast moving world that our minds become so cluttered we feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. And we can’t remember where we put our iPhone, and after looking for a couple of minutes we finally find it in our hand!!!! That really happened to me! Maybe it’s a sign of old age too!

If there was ever a time that we need a refreshed mind, a renewed mind, it is now! I’m talking about a fresh, renewed mind that brings transformation into our lives!

In this second verse of Romans 12, Paul first says that we should not be trying to pattern our lives after the things of this world. It is so easy to get caught up trying to keep up with all the newest things and fads that it’s not long that we have the attitude, that if only I had this one more thing, it would bring me happiness.

To pattern or conform to the world means that we begin to look like, act like and have the same attitude as everyone in the world around us. This basically means that instead of living for God and eternity, we are living a selfish, self-centered life where everything revolves around me!

We have to make a choice every day! Are we going to live life God’s way, or are we going to live it our way!

The first thing in God’s economy of doing things, is always repentance! It means turning away from self and the world, and yielding and surrendering our lives to live God’s way.

Have you ever made this choice? It is my prayer that you will choose God’s way and then you will find everything you really are looking for!

God bless!

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