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December 05 2020

Today, Saturday December 5 – James 4:11-17 – Is your peace being disturb today? Usually, when that is happening, it involves another person who has said or done something that caused us to get a bad or hurt feeling. In this chapter, James is dealing with conflict that come into our lives, our families, our churches and even our nation and the world. As he points out, we must always remember that the root of all sin and conflict is pride. At least in the English language, I always thought it interesting that middle letter of pride is an i, and the middle letter of sin is also an i. Whenever our lives focus on “I” or “Me” or “Mine”, there will be conflict. Another word for all this is selfishness! Only the Spirit of Jesus Christ living in us and controlling our lives will drive this terrible destroyer out of our lives! The next issue that James speaks about is “criticism”, speaking “evil against one another.” A sign of a proud person is their critical spirit. James reminds us that there is only One Lawgiver and One Judge and that is God Himself. Lastly, James warns us against arrogant self-confidence. (vv. 13-17) And he reminds us, that in reality, our lives are like a puff of wind, here one moment and gone the next. We need to totally commit everything to the Lord’s will and that includes our future that only God really knows about! God bless and “do the right thing today”! Take care!

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