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December 07 2020

Today, Monday December 7 - James 5 - Years ago I read a book by Gene Getz called, "The Measure of a Man". How do you determine the "Spiritual maturity" of a believer? He noted from 1 Thessalonians 1:3 that there are three areas we can look at and "measure" to see if we are growing in our walk with the Lord. "Remembering ... your work of faith, and labor of love and patience of hope." The Apostle Paul would write in 1 Corinthians 13, "Faith, hope and love, these three..."! Today, what kind of faith do you have? Does it show up in your good deeds? What quality of love do you have for Christ and others? Are you experiencing patience hope in the time of trouble and tribulation? Amazing, these are exactly the same things that James deals with in his epistle, to exhort us on to Spiritual maturity. Each chapter gives us a "measuring stick".

Chapter 1 - We will be patient in trials, because we are in the Word and are not deceived.

Chapter 2 - We will be impartial with others, because of our genuine faith that shows up in our good deeds.

Chapter 3 - We will be positive with our tongues and talk, because we see the circumstances around us with heavenly wisdom.

Chapter 4 - We are at peace with ourselves and others, because we know the Lord is the final judge and we submit to His will.

Chapter 5 - We are prayerful in trouble, because we are looking for the Lord to come again!

How do you measure up today? God bless!

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