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December 12 2020

Today, Saturday December 12 – James 5 – We are so often discouraged with prayer that we begin to neglect to pray, because it seems that our prayers never get answered. We ask God to help us with our problems or with our habitual sins, and we wake up the next day and commit the same sins again. Do you ever feel that way? I believe James has some answers for this in our chat today! We should first remember that all sickness is not a result of personal sin. In John 9, Jesus reminds us that some sicknesses or afflictions come into our lives to give God a chance to be glorified through what He has purposed to accomplish in our lives. But for sure there is sickness that comes because of personal sin and the Lord is using it to get our attention, so that we might confess our sin and make things right with Him. Sickness or affliction has a way of humbling us! We are reminded that we are frail and weak human beings and we desperately need the God of heaven to aid us. And if that doesn’t humble us enough, we are told in this passage to go to the elders or to another individual that we can trust spiritually, and confess our faults and trespasses to them. This is also has the power of accountability! The promise that we are given here is twofold. We will be forgiven and we will be healed! Wow! May the Lord help us to practice this today! Have a blessed day!

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