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December 17 2020

Today, Thursday December 17 – Romans – People often ask the question, “What is Christianity all about anyway?” The world of so called Christianity, can be so confusing today with so many “brands” of it, all claiming to have a corner on the truth. Hundreds of denominations around the world and hundreds of churches in the same community that look and sound so different. So where would you go to really find the truth? I’m convinced you would need to go no further than the Book of Romans. This great book was written by the Apostle Paul to the saints at Rome who were basically new believers and did not even have an organized church at this time that we know of. Romans presents doctrinal truth in detail – justification, sanctification, adoption, judgment and identification with Christ. It presents dispensational truth in chapters 9-11, showing the relationship between Israel and the church. And it presents practical truth, teaching the secret of Christian victory over the flesh, the duties Christians have toward each other, and their relationship to government. Romans is a great exposition of the faith! It is the most complete and most logical presentation of the Christian truth in the entire New Testament! Please continue to study it with me! God bless!

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