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December 20 2020

Today, Sunday December 20 – Romans 1 – The Apostle Paul is writing this epistle to the believers who are living in Rome, the capital of the Roman world. He personally knew many of them, and some were even people that he had personally led to faith in Christ. It is likely, though, that he had never met most of them and so, as he begins this letter, he is introducing himself. In the first verses he gives his credentials. He was a servant of Jesus Christ (v. 1a). He was an apostle (v. 1b). He was a preacher of the Gospel (vv. 1c-4). He was a missionary (vv. 5-7). Then he expressed his feelings for them (vv.8-15). First, he was thankful for them because of their faith that was proclaimed in all the world (v. 8). How do you know what kind of faith you have? The believers at Rome were under tremendous pressure, especially when they publically shared their faith in Jesus Christ. Today, if you have the courage to express your faith in Christ, there is no doubt, you will be made fun of, mocked and ridiculed. That’s when you will find out how real and deep your faith is! The saints at Rome were standing up to the trials, and their faith was a great testimony to the rest of the world because of the grace of God they were experiencing in their lives. Paul was not only thankful for them, he told them that he was always praying for them. Maybe that’s another reason that their faith was strong. Are you praying for others, that maybe you’ve never met? Your prayer can and will make a difference! It is my prayer today, that the Word of God will so impact you today, that you will impact the world tomorrow! God bless!

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