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December 22 2020

Today, Tuesday December 22 – Romans 1:14-16 – We meet the Apostle Paul in Acts 9, when he was called Saul and he was killing and persecuting followers of Jesus Christ. He was a very religious man and actually thought he was doing God a favor. But one day, he met Jesus personally, on his way to Damascus to imprison and kill more believers, and everything changed! He asked two questions (Acts 22:8-10), “Who are you Lord?” And, “What would you have me to do?” When you really settle the first question, as to who you believe Jesus to be, it will cause you to surrender your life and will to Him! If you really believe, that Jesus is indeed the Son of God, who alone can save you, and anyone else who will believe and put their faith and trust in Him, you will have no choice but to make Him the Lord, the Master of your life, and respond in obedience to His will for the rest of your life. The Apostle Paul goes on to become one of the most influential persons in all of human history, not only impacting and changing his world, but the world for centuries to come! In the verses before us in Romans today, Paul gives us the three reasons, why he would make such a great impact and change the course of human history! He said, “I am debtor”; “I am ready” and “I am not ashamed.” Today, who do you believe Jesus is? Are you ready to surrender your life to Him? God bless!

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