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February 02 2021

Today, Tuesday February 2

Romans 5:12-21

In the first eleven verses of this great chapter five of Romans, we have been studying the seven wonderful blessings we have because of our justification by faith in Jesus Christ. In this next section we will looking at the basis of our justification. How is it possible for God to save sinners in the person of Jesus Christ? We understand that somehow Christ took our place on the cross, but how was such a substitution possible?

Paul answers that question in these verses and they are at the very heart of the letter.

Several things to note as we begin. First, note the repetition of the little word one. It is used eleven times. The key idea here is our identification with Adam and with Christ. Second, note the repetition of the word reign which is used five times. Paul saw two men – Adam and Christ – each of them reigning, ruling over a kingdom. Finally, note the phrase, much more is repeated five times. This means that in Jesus Christ we have grained much more than we ever lost in Adam!

This section of scripture is a contrast of Adam and Christ. Over the next several days we will meditate on this passage and hopefully lay even a deeper foundation under our Christian faith that will both motivate us to live every day for Jesus Christ, and sustain us as we face the trials and sufferings of life!

Read this passage carefully with these thoughts in mind. God bless!

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