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February 20 2021

Today, Saturday February 20

Romans 8:17-25

In the Old Testament, the emphasis is on the Person, ministry and work of God the Father! Elohim, the Creator God who is sovereign and has a plan and purpose for all mankind. In the Gospels, the emphasis is on the Person, ministry and work of God the Son, Jesus Christ! And during His ministry, Jesus told His disciples about the “Promise of the Father” Who is the Holy Spirit. Jesus encouraged them, that even though He would go away, He would not leave them orphans and helpless. He would send the Holy Spirit who would always be with them and empower them to fulfil the mission He called them to accomplish.

Starting in Acts 2, after the disciples had waited for ten days in the upper room, praying together, they experienced the birth of the Church when the Holy Spirit fell on them and entered them. A new era began and now the emphasis is on the Person, ministry and work of the Holy Spirt through the rest of the New Testament.

The Holy Spirit’s main ministry is to lead us to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives so that the world may see the reality of the resurrection power of God that works in us.

In the verses before us today (vs. 17-25), we are assured that in the midst of our suffering in this world, the Holy Spirit will give us the hope of the redemption of our corrupt bodies. “And if we suffer with Him, we shall also be glorified with Him.”

Are you going through a time of suffering right now in your own health, in your family, in any area of your life? Today, the Holy Spirit is here to give you hope and help you! Please believe this and trust Him!

God bless!

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