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February 28 2021

Today, Sunday February 28

Romans 9 - God is Sovereign!

It might appear to some that Romans 9-11 are out of place. Paul has been dealing with sin (1-3), with salvation (4-5), with sanctification (6-8), and now he jumps to talking about Israel and their election as God’s chosen people.

Why didn't he move from the doctrinal teaching of Romans 8 to the practical duties given in Romans 12-15? A careful study of Romans 9-11 reveals that this section is not an interruption at all; it is a necessary part of Paul's argument for justification by faith.

To begin with, Paul was considered a traitor to the Jewish nation. He ministered to Gentiles and he taught freedom from the Law of Moses. He had preached in many synagogues and caused trouble, and no doubt many of the Jewish believers in Rome had heard of his questionable reputation. In these chapters, Paul showed his love for Israel and his desire for their welfare. This is the personal reason for this discussion.

But there was a doctrinal reason. Paul had argued in Romans 8 that the believer is secure in Jesus Christ and that God's election would stand (Rom. 8:28-30). But someone might ask, "What about the Jews? They were chosen by God, and yet now you tell us they are set aside and God is building His church. Did God fail to keep His promises to Israel?" In other words, the very character of God was at stake. If God was not faithful to the Jews, how do we know He will be faithful to the church?

These three chapters are powerful reminders that God always keeps His covenant promises and we can be assured He will always take care of us! I love the way someone else put it: “He is God and we are not!” Trust Him today!

God bless!

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