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January 06 2021

Today, Wednesday January 6 – Romans 2:4-6 – In the first three chapters of Romans, Paul is dealing with sin and the righteous judgment of God on sin, which is always death! Death means separation. When someone dies, they are separated from us. There is no longer any connection between us. In the Bible, death speaks of separation from God. We have no connection with Him in anyway whatsoever. Sin always separates us! But God loves us so much He has made a Way for us to connect with Him.

Chapter one of Romans ended with a description of a world that is full of hate, murder, greed, strife, deceit, maliciousness, evil, and foolish, faithless, heartless and ruthless people. It is a world that has been left by God to the consequences of its own deeds. It is a place that no one would really want to live.

In Chapter two, Paul goes to the other extreme. He addresses the religious world that is self-righteous, judgmental and critical. God calls these people hypocrites! They think they are right with God in many cases because they are enjoying the “goodness” of God. They appear to have a nice, organized, secure and peaceful life. They have a good job, plenty to eat, and a nice place to live. They appear to have family and friends that respect and love them. And because of all these good things, they think they are “right with God.” Paul tells us that God’s goodness should lead us to repentance! But instead, many of us begin to think we are better than others and even deserve these “good things”. Today, we need to remember that all of us need to repent, to turn from our ways to God’s Way, and that is only through Jesus Christ! God bless!

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