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January 12 2021

Today, Tuesday January 12 – Romans 3:11-20 – In these first three chapters of Romans, the Apostle Paul has brought the whole world into God’s Holy Court Room. Like a prosecuting attorney, he has laid out his case against us before the Judge of the Universe. The heathen are guilty in chapter 1. The hypocrites and religious crowd are guilty in chapter 2, and in chapter 3, the whole of humanity is found guilty of coming short of God’s standard and law. In the verses before us today, we find that our whole body is involved in this rebellion against God. Our throats and tongues are used to deceive others. Poison, like a snake’s venom, is hidden under our lips ready to be used to inflict damage on others. Our mouths are full of curses and bitterness revealing the actual condition of our hearts. Our feet are swift and quick to shed innocent blood. We are intent on destroying others. Everywhere our paths lead us is ruin and misery and there is absolutely no peace around us! Wow! Does this sound exactly like what is playing out before us in our culture and nation today? This is what happens when we choose our own path rather than God’s path of life and peace, which can only be experience from a relationship with Jesus Christ! Our attitudes and actions lead to destructive consequences in our relationships with everyone around us! This should reveal to us that we have broken God’s law and lead us to the place of repentance! I believe this is the point Paul is making in this passage! Please today, take time to put yourself up against God’s standard, His law, instead of comparing yourself with those around you! And when the full weight of your sin is felt and you sense your guilt before God, cry out for grace and mercy, and the God I know in the Bible, is standing and waiting to forgive and cleanse you, and transform you into a brand new person! (2 Corinthians 5:17) It is a miracle! Become one today!!!!! God bless!

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