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January 24 2021

Today, Sunday January 24 - Romans 4 - In this chapter we see how the righteousness of God, that only comes by grace through faith, was illustrated in the life of Abraham. Then Paul quotes King David from the Psalms to describe what this grace accomplishes in our lives when we by faith receive it. All of our sins are forgiven and God also covers them, never to remember them against us in the future.

Now from v. 10 through the end of the chapter, the Apostle Paul discloses the wonderful message that this righteousness is for everyone. The Jews had the sign of circumcision which signified that they were God's covenant people. And just like so many other religions of the world today, most of the Jews thought just because of participating in this ritual or ceremony that they were guaranteed salvation and heaven. But Paul reminds them that Abraham expressed his faith and received this righteousness of God before he was circumcised.

Now here's the point he is making: The righteousness of God, a right standing before Him, only comes by faith, and is for everyone who will believe and accept God's promise of salvation through Jesus Christ. A person is not saved or enters into a right relationship with God by good deeds, rituals, ordinances, ceremonies, sacraments, baptism or communion. It doesn't matter who you are, what you might have done, where you are from, or into what family you were born! Anyone can be justified, stand before God without any guilt, simply by believing and putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ!

What are you depending on to save you? This salvation is the free gift of God's grace! Amen! God bless!

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