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March 13 2021

Today, Saturday March 13

Romans 12:1-2 – “Transformed Through the Word”

You are what you think! And you determine what you think about! You will think about those things that you have chosen to intake into your mind. If you are watching certain programs on TV all the time, that’s what will be on your mind. Have you ever heard, “Garbage in, garbage out?”

A.W. Tozer said, “If you want to know what kind of person you really are, what does your mind go to, in your leisure moments?” Wow! That should really make you evaluate what you are allowing to go into your mind. Your eyes and ears are the gateway to your soul!

To have a renewed mind, that is transforming your life every day, you must faithfully and diligently determine to take time each day to have an intake of God’s Word and then make every opportunity to meditate on it.

The Great Commandment in Deuteronomy 6 reminded the people of Israel the only way they could love the Lord their God with all their heart was to be thinking constantly about what God had said! “And these words which I command you this day shall be in your heart, and you shall diligently teach them to your children…. And talk about them during every activity of your day!”

What do you think about most of the time? This would be a great day to evaluate your thinking and ask the Lord to give you grace to begin meditating on His Word!

God bless!

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